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Welcome to Intentionally Creating – a lifestyle blog dedicated to inspiring & empowering you to create a more vibrant, authentic, and joyful life.

This is my corner of the internet where I share life lessons, insights, and practices that make up the art of creative living.

Now you’re probably wondering – what is this chick talking about when she says “creative living”?

And to answer that, I’d like to hand it over to author and creative living aficionado – Elizabeth Gilbert and her book Big Magic where she writes:

“A creative life is an amplified life. It’s a bigger life, a happier life, an expanded life, and a hell of a lot more interesting life. Living in this manner – continually and stubbornly bringing forth the jewels that are hidden within you – is a fine art, in and of itself.”

Or in other words – when people say “live life to the fullest” THAT’s creative living.

Now to be clear, to live a creative life does not mean you must quit your job and become a nomad.

Nor does it require you to spend your life’s savings to travel and discover yourself.

Or write a book.

Or become a famous artist, philanthropist, or woman of culture.

Nor does it mean you have to have some “Stella Got Her Groove Back” type of sexual awakening.

None of that is required.

Unless – of course – you want it to.

That’s the beauty of creative living, all the paths and outcomes can vary wildly from person to person because you make it what YOU want.

The only requirement is that you make an effort, everyday, to live to your full potential – whatever that looks like for you.

Or going back to Ms. Gilbert:

“Create {do/live/love} whatever causes a revolution in your heart.”

So, what exactly are you going to find here?

To be honest – a variety of things, simply because we’re talking about life and life is full of variety!

BUT for the sake of continuity and consistency {for you and for me} here’s what I’ll be sharing on any given day:

  • Tips for how to fully tap your creative poweress
  • Personal lessons and insights to guide, inspire, and motivate you
  • Tips to supercharge your productivity and better manage your time so you can live more
  • A look behind the scenes at my life, travels, and fun experiences as a London expat
  • Miscellaneous creative stuff (I’ll come up with a catchier name eventually), i.e. mood boards, personal projects, inspirations, and things that make me smile
  • Guidance in cultivating positivity, practicing daily mindfulness, and unleashing the most vibrant, authentic, and creative version of you.

Like I said – it’s the variety we find in life.

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Guiding Philosophies of Intentionally Creating

“I believe in honesty, freedom, and dancing to the music in your own heart. I’m all for dreaming big and doing even BIGGER”

I also believe in….

// TRUST //

Believing you’re in the right place at the right time & having faith in where you’re going.


Allow inspiration in, be open to change, play, and seek everyday magic. Life opens up when we choose to be led by our curiosity rather than driven by our fear.


Own who you are and be the architect of your life. Honor your uniquely innate, divinely created personality, by choosing to be more of yourself and letting your inner light shine.

// EASE //

Give yourself permission to go at your own pace. Trust the process and know there’s no need to rush to the finish line. Allow for more breathing room & white space. Embrace less hustle, more flow.


Focus, prioritize, embrace the essentials. Know and own what you want. Be deliberate and ignore the noise. Commit to the practice of being fully present.


Hey there – I’m Ashlei

By day I’m a freelance creative, blogger, London expat, and drinker of tea.

By night I’m a newly-wed cat lady with a penchant for dance parties, French style, travel, and whiskey cocktails.

Underneath it all I’m simply, fiercely, wholeheartedly passionate about creative self expression, cultivating positivity, and living with intention.

My Story

It all started with a haircut…

Random, I know…

But if I really sit back and think, my journey to creative living all began with a simple haircut.

You see, for as long as I can remember I’d been getting my hair relaxed, but on February 16, 2011 that all was about to change as I decided to chop my hair off – Britney Spears circa 2007 style – and go au natural.

And that seemingly minor decision ended up opening the door to a whole new world of possibilities.

It inspired me to start my first blog – Kinks are the new Pink – which ignited my creativity and introduced me to the unconventional life of the entrepreneur.

And while there’s been lots of ups, downs, circles, and zigzags {saving those stories for a rainy day}, one thing is certain – it allowed me to learn more about myself than I could ever imagine.

I’ve always been the type of person to follow my intuition and seek what brought me the most joy. Each abrupt change in my life’s direction was done because I truly believed it was what I needed to be happy.

However, I’ve discovered, it wasn’t just happiness I was constantly chasing – it was my best and most authentic sense of self.

I was seeking the person I was meant to be, a journey that – let’s be real – is never truly over, but a journey I believe we all must commit to if we want to see more joy, confidence, and just pure awesomeness in our lives.

I’m not someone who’s quick to settle {those close to me would probably describe it more as being really freakin’ stubborn}, but as I’ve dug deeper and pushed further I’ve begun to emerge from this quest as the most vibrant, joyful, and authentic version of myself that I’ve ever known.

And I’ve developed an unshakeable belief that there’s something BIG I’m meant to be doing – a calling, if you will, to connect, uplift, and empower the people around me.

People like you.

Which is why I’m so avid about helping my fellow people of the world uncover their best, most vibrant, and authentic selves in work and life.

Whether it’s sharing lessons or insight I’ve gathered so you can grow and improve multiple aspects in your own life.

Or reminding you why you’re freaking AMAZING, even when you think you’re not.

It’s my hope Intentionally Creating unlocks something BIG deep inside you.

And with that – I would love for us to become internet pals!

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